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Graduate and Professional School

Depending on your career goals, graduate or professional school may be a logical step when you finish college or after you have been out of school for a little while.  The following links will provide the information you'll need as you go forward.


  • Graduate school FAQs - there are many things to consider when evaluating if graduate school is right for you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to get you started.

  • Is Graduate School right for me? - provides reasons to go and not to go to graduate school. Will help in determining if graduate school is the next logical step.
  • Graduate School 101 - 10 short videos (3 - 5 minutes each) to help individuals navigate the graduate school application and financial aid processes. We invited some admissions folks to provide tips and tricks about everything -- from when to start applying to getting the most aid, and how to find the best program to help prospective students achieve their dreams.


  • Graduate School Timeline - thinking about applying to graduate school but don’t know where to start? Use this timeline to help you begin.
  • Graduate School Admissions Tests FAQs - many graduate programs and professional schools require test scores for admission. Check out this link to find out about the tests available and how to prepare.
  • Financial Aid - graduate school can be a big investment. Find out the financial assistance options and links for more information.


  • Graduate School Statement - not sure how to go about the personal statement? Find out what admissions really wants on this part of the application.
  • Letters of Recommendation FAQs - most graduate programs require letters of recommendation. Find out how to go about determining who to ask to write you a letter and how to ask him/her.
  • Interviewing - find out how to prepare for your graduate/professional school interview.

Professional School Information:

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