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International Global Diversity

Intercultural Student Services is committed to bridging the gap between internationalization and multicultural education by engaging in high impact experiential and dialogic learning that explores local and global social justice issues. ISS, in conjunction with academic partners provide students an opportunity to participate in the following ISS Global diversity initiative programs:


Transatlantic Students Symposia

The Transatlantic Students Symposia are a series of short-term academic exchanges that provide a student-based and largely student-run space for the discussion of topics of contemporary relevance in an interdisciplinary, experiential and transatlantic setting. Students of the humanities, including Political Science, Cultural and Literary Studies, History, Education, and others, are working together in order to approach political and historical topics with a strong relation to present-day cultural and public policy issues. They are furthermore provided with an outlook into professional and practical applications of their academic training.

The symposia are organized in a cooperation between the following partners:

Web Site: Transatlantic Students Symposia


Women as Global leaders (WAGL)

The Women as Global Leaders Conference aims to inspire and connect the emerging generation of women leaders around from around the world with a particular focusing on educating female students about leadership and for leadership. Sessions and workshops will focus on the primary conference theme as well as leadership education; the development of concrete leadership skills; and the empowerment of women as responsible and sustainable stewards of their communities, their countries and the world. We invite students and educators to present sessions on their research, experiences, and thoughts on developing sustainably focused leaders and empowering women cross-culturally. All sessions will be held in English.

Web Site: Women as Global Leaders Conference


Council on Foreign Relations Dialogue Group

Intercultural Student Services hosts the Council on Foreign Relations teleconferences that allow students the opportunity to interrogate issues of social justice within an international context. The conferences are done in live time with an audience of several university participants. The Council on Foreign Relations is of special interest to students interested in politics, social issues, health concerns, environmental risks and cultural change that are embedded within broader issues of social justice and policy.

Web Site: Council on Foreign Relations Dialogue Group


International Partners and Friends:


International Programs

IP seeks to foster, coordinate and advocate for programs and services that have an international dimension. IP is a creative catalyst to help OSU become a premier international university, with its mission reflecting global interdependence and the increasingly international basis of Oregon's economy. IP engages in entrepreneurial efforts to provide the resources necessary to support its mission.

Web Site: International Programs


School of Public Policy

The School of Public Policy at OSU, is home to programs in Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and the Masters in Public Policy.  Approved in 2011 as part of the strategic realignment of the College of Liberal Arts, the School of Public Policy offers on campus and online undergraduate majors in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology, as well as an on campus Masters in Public Policy program. The School also offers undergraduate minors in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology as well as graduate minors in Political Science and Sociology. A special program unique to the Master of Public Policy is the International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Summer Program:  http://icrps.org/.

Web Site: School of Public Policy


International Students of Oregon State University http://oregonstate.edu/sli/isosu/

The International Students of Oregon State University (ISOSU) leads in creating a community that enhances and influences the student experience. ISOSU facilitates cross-cultural interaction and understanding by inviting many voices from around the world to be heard. ISOSU is committed to supporting and developing a wide range of international opportunities for the OSU community focusing on the education of issues and appreciation of cultures on this university campus.

Web Site: International Students of Oregon State University


INTO Oregon State University

Our programs provide students with a broad knowledge of the wider world develop English language skills and facilitate in-depth study in a specific area of interest.

Web Site: INTO OSU

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